Crafting Advantages.
We make portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.
And we do it well.


No implementation of the SharePoint solution ends at the stage of putting the portal into service. The portal requires regular monitoring and maintenance; otherwise, there may be some problems over time. If you are looking for a reliable partner, to whom you can entrust your information portal, we are ready to offer our services.


We will properly configure your SharePoint farm maintenance and monitoring procedures. We will be continuously monitoring the status of your portal. If necessary, we will carry out preventive actions before potential problems arise. If the farm requires an expansion, we will analyze, give recommendations for expansion, deploy and configure additional servers.


If there are any problems in the functioning of the portal, regardless of its nature, we will immediately analyze these problems, identify their cause and either eliminate them, or give recommendations.


Corporate portal is a living system and it should be constantly improved. It is necessary to update the content, to create new sections, to implement new functions of the platform, etc. We can perform such type of work.