Crafting Advantages.
We make portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.
And we do it well.


Information systems are complex systems, and complex systems are subject to various kinds of risks. Companies make efforts to control these risks, but sometimes emergencies arise. It is important to have a partner who will immediately help in a difficult situation.


SharePoint is a reliable platform that can serve tens of thousands of users 24 hours a day. However, as any other complex system, it can have accidents. As a rule, it happens due to the human error.

If you have such a complex problem as a failure of the farm, please contact us. We will use all our resources to restore your portal as quickly as possible.


Thousands of users of the company intensively use SharePoint portals. The portal is an information center of the enterprise; it can store and process millions of documents and pages. Sometimes it happens that the portal has some performance and stability problems.

Our team is ready to analyze the problems your portal is experiencing, find the cause or failure and eliminate it, as well as give recommendations for your further use.