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Currently, outsourcing of services and development of infrastructure processes and systems are demanded by a growing number of companies both in Russia and abroad. It is especially widespread in IT area, since the work with information systems requires a high level of special competences. We offer a range of services in the field of SharePoint outsourcing.


The implementation of information systems is a significant achievement for the company. However, for its effective functioning it requires regular maintenance. Complex systems, such as a corporate portal, sometimes have some problems that require a certain level of expertise for their prompt resolution. Many organizations try to resolve these problems themselves, but without the proper level of personnel qualification, this translates into significant staff time and further problems arising from erroneous actions.

Our team is ready to take over the maintenance and support of your corporate SharePoint portal. We monitor the status of the system, forecast possible problems and make a proactive adjustment of the configuration. If it is necessary to provide a certain level of service, we simulate the situations of failure and restoration. In case of any problems, we rapidly perform their analysis and eliminate their sources.


A corporate portal is a system that should always follow the life of a company. It should live, breathe, react and change together with the company and in external conditions. Portal is the main means for integrating employees into one information field of the organization. That is why it is extremely important to develop it constantly.

We always advise our clients to have a long-term and short-term plan for the development of the portal and help them to create this plan. On our part, we develop additional customizations, perform the transformation of the portal architecture, implement additional functionality of SharePoint, and perform the extension of the farm if necessary. We can make improvements both on the portals which are developed by our company, and on existing systems of our customers.


Portal solution is primarily the content in the portal. It is mainly created for the aggregation and access to documents, pages and data. However, large and medium-sized organizations always experience times when the flow of generated content is becoming so large that the portal risks becoming a chaos. Therefore, any quite extensive portal solution requires constant and competent content management.

Our staff are ready to help you with this. We can take all the work on content management: formatting content and publishing it on the portal, controlling the content distribution on the portal in such a way that the portal always works effectively, controlling the semantic placement of content, navigation management, and any other activities related to the management of portal pages, documents and data.


SharePoint is a complex product. After the SharePoint implementation, the organization should learn to understand it and use its opportunities to maximize the benefits.

We provide consulting services in the field of portal solutions on SharePoint Server. We will answer any questions, perform the analysis and give recommendations on the existing problems, hold training sessions, develop training and working instructions for users and administrators. With our help, SharePoint will become the best friend for your employees.