Crafting Advantages.
We make portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.
And we do it well.


Our company has extensive experience in implementing solutions on the SharePoint platform, including

  • Implementation of portal solutions for large companies with the number of employees ~ 10 thousand people
  • Branding of corporate portals
  • Automation of the documentation flow within the company
  • Customization of the SharePoint functionality according to the most exclusive customer requirements
  • Implementation of functional modules, which seamlessly integrate with SharePoint features and complement them
  • Deployment and configuration of small and large SharePoint farms


Any infrastructure project should begin with the understanding of the result, which the company is trying to achieve and how this result will help to improve its market position, increase profitability or discover new horizons.

We collaborate with our clients to find the right priorities. Together we analyze, form requirements and decide how a portal solution can help the company and its employees.


SharePoint Server is a complex software. Its proper implementation, similarly to any other complex project, requires expertise even during the implementation in small organizations.

Our employees have big experience in the deployment of SharePoint. We plan the configuration of the portal in a view of future projections concerning the company. We design the architecture of the solution on this basis. We know the difficulties that can arise in the process and are able to solve them. We know how to configure a SharePoint portal to meet the maximum of requirements with the existing product tools.


SharePoint Server is a very serious product with great features. However, the main competitive advantages are delivered through exclusive solutions, which requires the customization of the out-of-the-box product. A significant part of the needs always requires an individual approach.

With our knowledge and experience in customizing SharePoint, we can meet unprecedented requirements of our customers. We use the most modern technology and tools for organization of production. Therefore, we are always confident of our success.


Every company strives to emphasize its individuality and importance for customers, partners and employees. The unique design of the portal based on the corporate style is a required attribute, which underscores the level of the organization.

Undoubtedly, such an important tool as a portal should be not only functional, but it also should reflect the spirit of the company. Most of our customers also realize this, that is why we have accumulated extensive experience in SharePoint branding.


Technologies are always evolving. Taking into consideration all IT industry development factors, it is necessary to keep up to date.

We offer services of updating an existing portal to more modern versions of the SharePoint Server. We will perform the analysis of your system, create an action plan that we need to implement for a successful translation, translate and give our recommendations for the education guidelines and exploitation.