Crafting Advantages.
We make portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.
And we do it well.


The IntelPrime team is an association of people bound together by common aspirations to be fulfilled in a useful and important activity: to create products that save people from routine operations, to bring something new, original, to introduce solutions that allow companies to achieve new heights and change the world for the better.

Our main principle is that both we and our clients should be satisfied with the result of common activities and our work. We approach our work not only as IT professionals, but also, in some way, as "artists». Our experience allowed us to acquire a number of other important principles that help us successfully introduce and implement SharePoint in projects on portals.


The current reality is that most projects of corporate portals are implemented without a clear understanding of the purpose for which the portal is created and implemented, its impact on business. This often results in a waste of money invested in the portal development.

IntelPrime believes that a corporate portal is a multipurpose and very useful tool, which is firstly designed to help business. Any project begins with the development of a clear understanding of what we need to achieve while implementing the project, and how this result will help our client to improve his market position, increase profitability and open up new horizons. The major interest of our team is that our solutions should lead to the prosperity of our clients.


Many large companies with complex organization and strict formal hierarchy experience problems with building healthy fruitful relationships with clients. Indeed, this is not always easy due to the presence of large bureaucratic hurdles and eligibility restrictions.

We used to build very close contacts with customer representatives. A rapid exchange of information, a flexible approach to changing conditions, attention to every detail - that is how we work with our clients on each project. We believe that the atmosphere of trust, a common desire for results are vital for successful work.


There are many different solutions at the IT market. Therefore, a one task can be probably solved with the use of several systems. If the task is connected with portal solutions, SharePoint is an excellent product to tackle it. SharePoint has a lot of features that you can use out-of-the-box. In order to possess real advantages in the market, it is not enough to have the same product that all other have. It is important to have something new.

Our specialists work with every client as if he were the only one. SharePoint is fully functional, but in order to adapt the portal to the unique requirements of the client, any project needs to be customized. It is with the help of individual customizations that we create a system, which ideally suits to the clients’ needs, providing them with additional opportunities for competition.


The days are long gone when the implementation of the project required a long preparation of a huge amount of documentation in the first stage, and after this stage, it was impossible to take a step back. In a modern, rapidly changing world, it is important to be flexible, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse and incorporate timely changes in the project.

The IntelPrime team follows the current trends in the organization of IT projects. We try to make bureaucratic processes as simple as possible and concentrate the joint efforts on the result. Our processes are based on the ongoing interaction with the client, early delivery of intermediate results, changes in project requirements based on the feedback received. It is important for us to understand that throughout the whole project our work meets all expectations of our clients.


IntelPrime employees gained experience working in different companies. We know what "formal meeting of the requirements of the technical task" is. Many unscrupulous contractors work like this. And this is a serious problem.

Faithful, responsible fulfillment of the fully assumed obligations is the very essence, the spirit of our company. We thoroughly analyze the requirements and deadlines, we compare it with our capabilities, and if we start a project, we guarantee, that we will finish it. We simply cannot imagine a different outcome. We strive to build relationship of trust for long-term, fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients.